Staking Crackdown, Liqwid Vulnerability, Cardano Updates + Hardfork

Feb 10, 2023 | Cardano, Cardano CatchUp | 0 comments

Cardano CatchUp 10th Febuary 2023

Links covered in the video

SEC Staking Crackdown

SEC Press release charging Kraken

Gary Gensler Video on SEC and staking

Hester Pierce Response

Charles Response video on staking and regulation

Paul Grewal on Coinbase staking service

Liqwid Finance

Liqwid Security Vulnerability Disclosure

Add Djed to Liqwid platform

Liqwid Finance Tokenomics

Djed dashboard on Cexplorer

Cardano Latest News

IOG Announcements
Testnet hardfork –
Sidechain EVM on testnet –

Ouroboros Genesis
Article –
Sooraj thread

Benefits of stabecoins –

World Mobile 5 takeaways from recent spaces

Indigo Protocol dex aggreagator live –

Sundaeswap Governance live –


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