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Cardano With Paul Stake Pool Details

Irish owned Cardano stake pools which are fully cloud based and run by Certified DevOps Engineers to make sure the pool is 100% secure, reliable and operating at optimal levels.

The block producing node for the pool sits on an Azure Kubernetes Cluster which can be easily scaled at any point in time as the Cardano network grows. For security the block maker node sits behind relay nodes.

Ticker: PAUL & PAUL

PAUL1: 86a19d5418cd07294af7d71386cf14a84e0478fbfde5b89fe4d98a58

PAUL: a89b86373838360143aba3911eaae54bf9420868965d48d447e4510a

Pledge: 100k

Fees: Minimum fixed fee (340 ADA) + 3%

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Who I AM

My name is Paul and I am an Irish based crypto enthusiast who has been in the space since 2016. I run the Trading With Paul YouTube channel and blog which talks all about Crypto and trading.

Cardano with Paul is a new Youtube channel and blog which is fully dedicated to Cardano news, opinions, tutorials, some price analysis and generally anything ADA related I think would be useful.

If you want to delegate your ADA to a relaiable stake pool please consider delagating to CardanoWithPaul (Ticker: PAUL) as that is a way for you to help support all of my content for free. 

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