Getting Started in Cardano

Sep 21, 2022 | Cardano | 0 comments

In this video I go through a high level overview of getting started with Cardano covering everything from wallets, explorers, dexes, DeFi and NFTs. I use Cardano Cube to highlight some of the different projects. The dapps and sites mentioned below are just the ones I cover in the video but if you go through Cardano cube you will see lots more building on Cardano.

Cardano Block Explorers

Cexplorer – Great for an overview of everything from transactions to pools and native assets.

Cardanoscan – Great explorer for checking txs, wallets and token stats – Visual block explorer to show NFTs, pools and wallets

pooltool – explorer for Cardano stake pools

Cardano Dexes

Currently the main AMM dexes on Cardano are Minswap, Wingriders, Sundaeswap. There is also Muesliswap which is a order book dex but will bring more features after the VASIL hard fork.

Cardano Wallets

In the video I show Eternl which is the main one I use but other good options for a simplier UI that is closer to Metamask is Nami, Flint or Typhon.

There are also lots of other great wallets in the ecosystem as well as new one being developed

Lending & Bowrrowing

Currently we are waiting for the VASIL hard fork which will bring bring new features that will enable more complex DeFi like we see on other chains eg Ardana, Liqwid, Maladex.

Currently we have:

Aada – P2P lending and Borrowing

Lending Pond & Fluidtokens – P2P dApps that allow you to take a loan out against your NFTs

NFTs on Cardano

Jpgstore – Main NFT marketplace on Cardano

ADAhandle – naming solution for your Cardano wallet addresses

OpenCNFT, CNFTJungle and CNFT Tools are great sites to look up stats for different Cardano NFT projects


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